Friday, January 22, 2010

**Wahoo! Great Loot today in the mail...

OK-sometimes as I post these deals I think "Yeah right like that will ever come!" Then I have a mail day like today and I feel invigorated. In today's mail, I got my first FREE Cosmo magazine, my full size sample of Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Crystals, my Orange Benefiber sample from Walmart, my Emergen C sample, my Sun Crystals sample, and 2 Coupons from Huggies for emailing them about how much I like their products!

I sign up for samples and freebies and often they are small and disappointing, but on occasion it is great-like my Cosmo free for a year (yes, I did laugh that the huge headline I just posted says "99 SEX MOVES".) And my Facebook Freebie from Fresh Wave is AWESOME!!! I hope you are all getting some things that you like as well! Feel free to comment and let me know about the deals and freebies you are getting!