Friday, February 12, 2010

Free shipping on Franklin Covey aka I LOVE my planner!

I know this might tell you how old I am (only 31-but this makes me feel ancient), but I have a confession. I carry a Franklin Covey Planner. That's right-no Blackberry, no PDA, just a lovely leather planner filled with my life written on actual paper. I LOVE my planner. I am sure someday I will join the modern world and have a digital planner, but I doubt I will ever be without an actual paper planner. Seriously!

If any of you are Franklin Covey fans like I am, you will be glad to know that they are offering free shipping on all orders now through Feb 15th at Midnight. Just use code 19871 at checkout. Check it out here. Also, while you are at their site, check out the tab on the top left called "Special Offers." when I was shopping the other day tehre were tons of great specials there!