Saturday, February 20, 2010

Have you gotten your groupon yet?!

So, have you heard of Groupons? It is a website that offers group coupons (thus the name). Their website says "Each day, Groupon features an unbeatable deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in your city. By promising businesses a minimum number of customers, we get discounts you won't find anywhere else. We call it 'collective buying power!'"

So, this is how it works. If you like the product of the day, you go to your page, click "buy" and fill out your payment information and everything. If there are enough people that sign up that day before midnight to get the discounted price, your card will be charged and you will get the deal for the day. If not, they do not charge your card. So, the trick is to get enough people to sign up each day.

I signed up for this website a couple months ago as Omaha was on their list of cities served, but the Omaha deals did not actually start until this week. I am happy to report that now Omaha is up and running.

Today's deal (I think it is all weekend actually) is a Sam & Louie's pizza one-you pay $15 and get $30 to spend at Sam & Louie's. Make sure you check out the fine print on all the deals before purchasing. To sign up, click on my referral link here and to see the Omaha page, including today's deal, click here.