Wednesday, February 24, 2010

**House Party Sandwich Thins Sandwich Revolution Party! Coming Friday to my house!!

Boo-yeah!! Thanks to House Party and Arnolds/Oroweat Sandwich Thins I get to have one heck of a party on Friday!

I applied and was accepted to host a Sandwich Thins Sandwich Revolution House Party. I get to have a luncheon with the ladies! House Party sent me a party pack including $20 in Sandwich Thins coupons to purchase bread for her party, 15- $1/1 product coupons for guests, 15 big, nice reusable grocery bags, a bunch of grocery list pads (I love these!), Sandwich Thins recipe cards and blank recipes cards and nutrition facts and healthy living tips.

I am going to do an "Iron Chef" type game where guests have to use one of 4 secret ingredients, and vote on the "gold medal" winning sandwich. I have prizes and everyting! And of course we will visit and have great food!!

If you are in Omaha, you should come to the party-Friday (2/26) at noon! Email me at if you want to come! You can check my party site here.

Don't know about House Party yet? Then please read on: is a site that I am relatively new to. On this site, you apply to host various parties, and if chosen for a party, you get a party pack supplied to you for your party.