Monday, February 1, 2010

**Kikkomans coupons or possible freebies.

Kikkoman is having a Chinese New Year Celebration promotion where you can win products or coupons. I just got a $1 off coupon.

To play follow these steps:

1: Click here.

2: Once you get there look under the "enter pin" box to where is says "If you do not have a Pin Click Here." Click there.

3: Fill out the form. They will then email you a pin.

4: Once you get pin, go back to the site and enter the pin and see what you get.

Sounds complex, but it really is not and took me maybe 2 minutes to do it myself! Let me know what loot you get!


Melissa Black Polteno said...


I won a basting brush!!!! Ha Ha so funny. :)

Melissa Black Polteno

Melissa Black Polteno said...

I won a basting brush!!!! :)