Saturday, February 13, 2010

**My Walmart deals today!

Did anyone go to the Littlest Pet Shop Parades at Walmart today? I did and BOY am I glad!! Not only did the idea of going to this event motivate my 5-yr-old to clean his room, but I also scored some MAJOR deals while I was there.

First I want to say that I am so sorry I do not have any pictures to show you, but I don't have the ability to upload pictures on this computer and my laptop is with my husband for a while. So, you will have to imagine how impressive this shopping trip would look in a picture.

At about noon, while I was in Walmart looking at the clearance toys near the Littlest Pet Shop activity area, the manager came over the intercom and announced that starting right then and going until 2 pm only, ALL clearance toys with red tags were an addintional 50% off. WHAT?! Good thing I just happened to have all my coupons in my bag just in case, because I was able to really score! Here is a list of the awesome deals I scored today at Walmart (some are not toys, but awesome nonetheless!):

  • Tuna: Free with coupon from this month's All You magazine
  • 4 kids t-shirts: $1 each on clearance
  • 2 Nerf Strike: originally $8 each, on clearance for $5, with 50% off= 2/$5
  • Barbie Lap Top: Originally $50, on clearance for $40, with 50% off=$20 minus $5 coupon=$15 total
  • Glowworm: Originally $10, on Clearance $8, with 50% off=$4 minus $2 coupon=$2
  • Doodle Pro: Originally $20, On Clearane $10, with 50% off=$5
  • Sorry Slide Game: Originally $15, on sale $10 minus $4 coupon=$6
  • Musical Sit N Spin toy: Originally $20, on clearance $18, with 50% off=$9 minus $5 coupon=$4
  • Pictureka penguin game: Originally $18, on Sale $10 minus $5 coupon=$5
  • Scrabble Apple game: $9.96 (NOT on sale but desperately wanted) minus $4 coupon=$5.96
  • Monopoly game originally $15, on Clearance $8, with 50% off $4 minus $4 coupon=FREE!
Phew! That was somethin'! And we left with bags of Littlest Pet shop stuff and a free picture of all 4 of my kids too!! WAHOO! I love scoring great deals!



Angela said...

That is so awesome!! I am super impressed. Where/How do you get coupons for toys/games? I am lovin' the blog. Thanks for all the work you do to get these deals out to us, it is very appreciated!!