Friday, February 5, 2010

DEAD DEAL Possible Free Superfruit spread from Crofters Organics

I hope you got your guess in before 7 pm EST because evidently they closed this offer down then...Sorry if you missed it. :(
Crofter's Organics Superfruits has a promotion on their Facebook Fan page. If you go there, become a fan and post on their wall which team you think will win the Superbowl, you could get a free jar of their superfruit spread. All you have to do is guess the winnng team correctly to get the jar!

Wes is all about the Colts, so he wrote that on their Facebook page, so I went for the Saints. That way our house gets a jar either way! Click here to get started!

Thanks Mojo Savings.



Christy said...

I did the same thing. Colts for me and Saints for John. Aren't we tricky. :)