Wednesday, February 10, 2010

**What I won...

I told you the other day that I won 2 giveaways and would tell you about htem later...well, it's later.

One giveaway was from My Frugal Adventures. There I won a photo book! I am so excited to make this one-I decided to make it into a baby book for my youngest child who is 21 months old and still does not have one (poor 4th children-seriously!!) I will be working on that this week! Exciting!! You can read about what I won here.

The other giveaway I won from Mama Cheaps. That one was a MyParentsRewards card. You can read all about what that is here, and if you want to see my name in writing (the proof I won!) you can check it out here.

Thanks you My Frugal Adventures and Mama Cheaps.