Wednesday, March 3, 2010

**2 FREE Purex liquid Laundry detergents at Walgreens.

OK this is an incredible, awesome "freebie" if you will, that I should have posted sooner, but was unsure whether it would work and I did not understand how it worked. Let me first tell you how to get this deal, then I will tell you why it works!

I hope you keep your coupon inserts from your newspaper (if not-start saving them now for future deals!)! If you do keep them, this week you can get 2 (or more if you have more coupons) FREE Purex liquid laundry detergents. Yeah-totally free! Here's how-Walgreens has Purex B1G1 (Buy 1 get 1 free) this week (through Saturday 3/5). If you have your insert from 2/21, there is a Purex coupon that is also B1G1 (it expires 3/6). Go to Walgreens, get 2 of the sale Purex, give them the coupon from, and you will leave with 2 free laundry detergents. It worked for me today!

So-if this seems hokey to you, let me explain WHY it works. Basically it is like getting 1 free from Walgreens and 1 free from the manufacturer of Purex. Walgreens considers the manufacturers coupon to be just another form of payment like a check or credit card or cash (as the manager told me today). So, Walgreens is giving you one free on their sale, you give them the coupon which gives you 1 free from the manufacturer, and Walgreens gets the money from the manufacturer (which is why the coupon is like cash to them).

This was an awesome deal and I was pretty excited to use it! I hope some of you have that coupon so you can get the same thing-I LOVE free things!! Go get yours before the sale and the coupon are no longer valid.