Tuesday, March 30, 2010

UPDATED!!! Disney Movie Rewards

***Update: Evidently they have been blocking account access today for entering the codes online. So, don't enter them. Please see Couponing to Disney's post about this issue here.***

Are you a member of Disney Movie Rewards? If so, you will want to see the list of current codes on the Couponing to Disney blog. You can see that here.

If you are not a member of Disney Movie Rewards, I think it is worth joining. I just did today and entered 10 codes (which I learned is the limit you can enter per day) and still have more codes to enter from the list mentioned above as well as codes in my 3 new Disney Movies (The Princess and the Frog, Toy Story & Toy Story 2). AND evidently you can get points for seeing Disney movies in the theatre, so when we go see Toy Story 3 it will give me points too. Wow, that is a lot of points I have been missing! Another wayo to earn points is to refer friends through email, so if you want to join, I would love to be able to email you an invitation to join-just let me know you are interested by emailing me at beckeesdeals(at)gmail.com Or if you just want to join without that hassle you can just join here (I won't get referral points that way, but that's ok).