Saturday, March 20, 2010

**Princess and the Frog for cheap or maybe free...

I thought I posted this the other day, but my sister pointed out to me that I had not posted it yet. I am sorry that some of my posts that I schedule seem to ba having problems this week! But if you are looking to buy The Princess and the Frog, you can do it really inexpensively. There are coupons out for it, and there are rebates you can do. Combining these offers can make this movie essentially free.

If you are buying the Blu Ray/DVD combined pack, make sure you print out and use the coupon here to get $10 off. If you are buying the DVD (which is on sale at both Target and Walmart for just under $16), get the coupon here for $5 off that.

On top of those coupons, there are 3 different rebates out there you can use to get money back as well. Of course the rebates are great if the other things you have to buy are things you would buy anyway or need or can get for free or cheap, otherwise, for me, it is not worth doing the rebates. However, as an FYI, you CAN do up to 2 of these rebates as theur have 2 proofs of purchase tags on the movie, and it appears that you can use photocopies of the reciepts for these. Also, I do not think you need to purchase the movie and the items on the same reciept. So if you have already bought the movie and want to do a rebate still, you probably can. Please read each rebate carefully before you do it though and don't take my word for it. I have been know to be wrong before...

The available rebates are as follows:
  • Buy 2 boxes of Band-Aids and The Princess and The Frog on Blu-Ray or DVD and get a $5 rebate by mail. You can get the form for that here. It expires June 30th.
  • Buy any roll of FrogTape Multi-Surface (24mm, 36mm, or 48mm) painters tape and The Princess and The Frog on Blu-Ray or DVD and get $5 rebate by mail. You can get that form here. It expires May 31st.
  • Buy any 2 Success Rice products and The Princess and the Frog and get a $5 rebate by mail. YOu can get that form here. FYI-There is a Success Rice coupon for $1/2 coming out in this weekend’s Red Plum coupon insert or there was a $0.50/1 that was in the Red Plum insert on 1/31 if you still have that. This rebate expires on June 30, 2010.
And if you are going out to do this today, you can go to Target and do the cereal deal I told you about here first (in a seperate transaction), then use the $5 gift card you get back on the transaction to pay for the movie. Even less money out of pocket that way!!  :)



Andrea said...

You are so smart-I got The Princess and the Frog using your deal for Easter-I'm so happy! THANKS!!