Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TODAY ONLY: Possible FREE My Little Pony's at TRU

Yesterday I posted a blog about my borther's awesoem service project here. Please take the time to read all about it, but even if you don't read that whole explaination, basically he is collecting toys adn rollerblades to donate to the Kidstar Program at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Hospital. It is a GREAT cause!

If you are considering donating something but do not have a lot of money, I just wanted to let you know a couple things.

First, there are many toy and game coupons available from Hasbro here. Using those coupons, you can score some pretty great deals at Walmart with their everyday prices. Second, often you can find sales going on which you can combine with the coupons to get great deals!

One of those great deals is going on today only at Toys R Us. Their Deal of the Day is My Little Pony B1G1. If you have your Hasbro Insert from the Sunday paper on 3/21, there is a B1G1 free coupon for My Little Pony in there. So, presumably, if this works at Toys R Us like it does at other places, they should both be free. You can also print out that same B1G1 coupon at the Hasbro site here. (Thanks Couponing to Disney.

Why, you ask, would those be free?! Basically it is like getting 1 free from the store (in this case Toys R Us) and 1 free from the manufacturer. Manufacturers coupons are just another form of payment like a check or credit card or cash as far as th stores are concerned. So, when the store has a B1G1 sale and you have a manufacturers coupon for B1G1, the store is giving you one free on their sale. You give them the coupon which gives you 1 free from the manufacturer, and the store gets the money from the manufacturer (which is why the coupon is like cash to them).