Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful People...

Did you ever notice on the blog at the top left corner, under the title Ah...Deals...Beckeesdeals, it says "Where the Beautiful People Come to Score a Deal"? Did you ever think, "I know I am beautiful, why would she write out such an obvious fact?"

I know a long time ago I told you all about this, but I thought I would let you new readers in on the joke. I have a personal (private) family blog, and as a sort of joke, I wrote the subtitle to that blog as "Where the beautiful people come." Well, when I started my bookclub blog, I continued the joke by writing "Where the beautiful people come to find a good book!" So, naturally, when I started this blog, I had to mention the obvious fact that this blog is (of course) ""Where the Beautiful People Come to Score a Deal"!

Welcome Beautiful people! I hope you are finding some great deals here today!

(The picture above is my husband and myself. Wes is making his best Zoolander face...I thought it was appropriate for the beautiful people post...)