Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oreo Update...and some tips of th eday from Beckee!

Some of you might remember that I never got my Oreo cookies from the Facebook fan giveaway even though I signed up on time and registered. They had some issues with that giveaway, and in fact, people (who felt entitled to their freebie) wrote some nasty things on the Oreo Facebook fan page. I felt frustrated and sad that I did not get the Oreos, but I feel like freebie is a priviledge, not something I am entitled to. I never EXPECT a freebie. But at the same time, I DID sign up for it so I really wanted those free Oreos.

I had a choice, I could leave nasty messages on their wall (like MANY others did), or I could try to go about it another way. I decided to try to be an adult adn I decided to email the company directly and thank them for doing the giveaway, and let them know that I was among the number of people that signed up, got confirmation that I was getting a free box of GOlden oreos, but them never got it. I explained that I was a bit frustrated by this and wondered if there was anything I could do to get at least a coupon.

I did not hear back from them...not until this week when I got a very nice letter int he mail with a coupon for ANY free Nabisco cookie or cracker box up to a $4.19 value! Wow-better that the original coupon where I could only get the vanilla Oreos (I am a major chocolate girl when it comes to Oreos)!

WHat is my point? Two things really...One, you really DO catch more flies with honey, and 2 NEVER be afraid to contact a company and let them know about what you think about their product or customer service, or whatever! Just be honest and polite (even when you are complaining be as nice as you can handle).

Consider these as Beckee's tips of the day! :)



Angela said...

You are so right! I was in CA a few weeks ago and ran to Great Clips for a trim. The girl did an AWFUL job. We came home, got it fixed and sent a letter to the local store that cut my hair and the corporate office. We were polite, but expressed my frustration. We included photos, it really was THAT bad! They contacted us within a week and are refunding the money I spent on the haircut and to get the bad hair cut fixed. You are so right. The companies want to know what they are doing, good or bad.