Thursday, April 22, 2010

Remember to enter the Mother's Day Giveaways at Nuts in a Nutshell...good stuff!!

I almost don't want to remind you about this because I want to win these giveaways...well one at least?! But I would be happy if one of my readers onw as well, so make sure you head over to Nuts in a Nutshell and enter to win her Mother's day giveaways!

Boy am I excited to tell you about this! Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was a guest blogger for Cat at Nuts in a Nutshell? I hope you checked out my guest post there, and I am telling you now that you are going to want to check out Cat's blog this week again! She is doing some GREAT Mother's Day Giveaways all week! Please read her preview of what is come right here. I am excited for these giveaways!!