Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So many little time! (BTW-thanks for "likeing" me on Facebook)

Hello readers!

Did you notice on Facebook that you are no longer fans, but now you "like" my page?! Funny the changes they make! Thanks for "likeing" me. If you don't "like" me yet on Facebook, please go here and you can "like" me now! :)

I also wanted to quickly let you know that I have many more great deals to post including my list of favorite grocery deals in town, but I will not get to post those probably until this afternoon. My son has a preschool try-out this morning and we are getting ready for that now. I promise more great stuff will be up laer though!

As always, if you see a great deal pop up while I am away please email it to me or better yet, post it on the Facebook page where other readers that "like" me can see it!

Thanks for your patience and understanding! You ar the best readers ever!!