Wednesday, April 14, 2010

**Walmart deals...

So I went to Walmart yesterday and found a couple great deals I wanted to share. You should check your local Walmart and see if the same great things are happening there!!
  1. ALL soda 24 packs are $5 right now-ALL meaing Pepsi, Coke, whatever!! Get that while you can-we stocked up!
  2. They are massively clearancing out their winter clothing and their Miley Cyrus brand clothing. I bought pants for $1 and shirt for $3. The sale is insane! A coupld things to note about the Miley Cyrus brand-it runs SUPER small. I bought the size 1 (extra small) pants for my 7 year old skinny daughter and they fit her pretty well. I usually buy medium shirts for myself, but in Miley Cyrus brand I bough Large and it fit alright, but I might have been better off in an XL (hate to buy that, but seriously-they run tiny). So, maybe try them on before you buy or jsut plan to buy bigger.