Friday, May 7, 2010

FREE admission to Lauritzen today

For some reason, all week long I have been thinking that the free admission at Lauritzen was Saturday May 7th, but as it turns out, I had my days mixed up, and TODAY, FRIDAY is May 7th. I posted correctly yesterday that the FREE Lauritzen admission day is today, ut I wanted to make sure to clarify. The FREE admission at Lauritzen is TODAY from 9 am-6 pm.
Another thing I learned in today's Omaha World Herald in the Living section was that there is an upcoming FREE admission Day at Lauritzen Gardens. It will be on May 7 in Celebration of National Public Gardens Day. Wes (my husband) has still never been there in the 6 years we have lived here, so I hope he has that day off and I can finally show him this beautiful, uniquely Omaha garden!!