Sunday, May 23, 2010

Go! Play Adventure 2 in Omaha!!

This is awesome! I had not heard of this until I read the newspaper yesterday and now I feel motivated to do this as a family!

Did you local readers know about Go! Play Adventure here in Omaha? Apparently it is a FREE family treasure hunt activity. It is to try to get families out to play and visit local parks and attractions. You basically get a guidebook and follow clues to figure out where the 25 posts are located in the city. As a family you go to the posts and make a rubbing of the post graphic in your guidebook. When you have 20 or 25 done, prizes are given.

I have not done this before, but it looks awesome, and there are a lot of places to pick up your guidebook:
  • Chalco Hills Recreation Area
  • Joslyn Art Museum
  • Fontenelle Forest
  • Hitchcock Nature Center
  • Mahoney State park
  • Bounce U
OR you can print one online at  You can also read more about this program here.