Thursday, May 27, 2010

Locals: What is your favorite unique Omaha place?

As you know by now, I get the newspaper at my house and love it! Not just for the Sunday coupons, but also for all the great info on upcoming fun and free activities and local goings on. I love to be "in the know".

Today in the GO Magazine section there was an article written by Josefina Loza about 32 Adventures in Omaha. Some were things I, and most Omahans have probably done, but a few were new to me. For example, I never knew The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art even existed. But it does, and it is FREE! What?! How did I not know that. I also liked her idea of driving the hour to Shenandoah, Iowa to see a traditional soda fountain. Oh, and you can tour the Omaha World Herald! Awesome!!

That article made me wonder what other different, quirky, fun things there are to do in Omaha that I don't even know about. So, what do you guys like to do around town that others may nit know about? Did you know there are Gondola rides at Con Agra's pond? Did you know there are river boat tours on the Missouri? Have you ever gone down on 24th street and been to any of the authentic Mexican restaurants?