Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tomorrow is my 9th Anniversary-any frugal celebration ideas?!

Well, tomorrow is my 9th Wedding anniversary!! Wes would be happy to go all out and spend the wad on me for this occasion, btu I cannot do it-I get anxious to spend a whole lot on celebrations when I am trying so hard to save money. Plus I know we will have fun no matter how much we spend, so why not do a low key free (or cheap) celebration, right?!

So readers, I am asking you to give me some ideas. What cheap dates do you do with your spouse or significant other? Last Thursday for my Thrifty Thursday blog, I wrote a blog called Thrifty Thursdays: Cheap Dating that was about some of my cheap date ideas from my past. I am asking you to help me come up with something new and different (and cheap) from your experiences!!

Thanks in advance!!