Monday, May 3, 2010

Upcoming Tuesdays Travels + plea to readers!

I know that tomorrow's Tuesdays Travels destination will be New York City. I am currently focusing on destinations within the United States, but will include international destination soon! I have picked out a few other locations I would like to do coming up, and would like your input on these locations. Are you a local in one of these places? Or have you visited them? What are the best deals for any of these cities? What are the Must see locations in your city? Are there free events or great deals I should mentions in the city? PLEASE email me with your tips! I really cannot do this well without your input! My email is  

Please also let me know if there is a destination you want me to start researching for a future Tuesdays Travels post.  Here are the ones I am planning for the next few weeks (send any insider info you have):
  • Omaha (I know a lot about this one but still need more locals opinions and insights!)
  • Salt Lake City (again, I know a lot about this one, but have not lived there in years so I need local's opinions to keep me up to date!)
  • Disneyland (NOT DisneyWorld)
  • Colorado Springs
  • San Diego
  • Spokane, Washington (Help me out friends in Spokane-I only lived there 1 year and spent like 5 months of that on bed rest)
  • Hawaii (I have as yet to decide whether to seperate this out by island...)
Let's start with those and go from there-can I quickly mention that I know NOTHING about the Southern States as I have not been to any (except Florida) since I was quite young. If you live in or know anything about great Southern destinations, please email me.



Andrea said...

No San Francisco? Sad. :(

I'm excited to see your tips for travel, I'll let you know if I find out any info on those destinations.