Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekend Warriors: Daycation to Adventureland!

Today's Daycation locations I am focusing on is Adventureland near Des Moines, Iowa (I believe actually in Altoona). This is a fun Daycation to take from Omaha! We have some friends that drive down and back in a day, and others that make a weekend trip of it, and stay in a hotel overnight. We went once as a family and we just made a day of it.

Adventureland is about a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from Omaha. If you wake up really early and drive down to go to the park when it opens, then stay all day until closing and drive home, it makes for a long day, but it is fun! When we went, that is what we did. The cost for admission is obviously a bit pricy as it is an amusement park, so you will want to do all day and get your money's worth.

According to their website, current prices are as follows:
  • Season Pass (4 yrs +) (Free Parking Included!)  (Per Person - Nontransferable) $95.00 (through 5/31/2010)
  • Regular (10yrs +)  Admission Price At Gate $35.00
  • Internet Only (4yrs+) $30.00
  • Child (4-9yrs)  Admission Price At Gate $30.00
  • Seniors (65yrs +)  Admission Price At Gate $30.00
  • Second Day (Must Be Purchased at the Gate) What's This? $20.00
  • Special Needs (such as: being pregnant or wearing a cast) (Must Be Purchased at Gate) $23.00
  • Parking Fee (Per Vehicle) $5.00
  • Children age 3 or younger FREE
A couple of tips to make this a more affordable day trip with the family. 

  • Purchase tickets online or get discount tickets at Hy-Vee. Also many local credit Unions have discount tickets.

  • Pack up a cooler of food so you do not have to eat at the park-it is really expensive!

  • Plan to spend the day at the park-bring water and a stroller and just plan on making it a long fun day!

  • If you are going to spend the night, look for local hotels with Adventureland packages-many have them where you can get great deals on hotel and passes.  If you are going to spend more than one day there-make sure to get the Second Day Pass for your second day.

  • If you plan to got a few times during the season, do the math and figure out whether a season pass is a better deal for you!

Please check out Adventureland's website to see al the fun and exciting attractions they have!

If you have more frugal tips for this particular daycation, please share them with us!!