Monday, June 28, 2010

Coming to you live from the worldest's slowest desktop...

Wow-Well, as it turns out, my laptop has more than just a virus-it has a collapsing hard drive that has to go all the way to the Toshiba people (which, if you watch Modern Marvels, you know that that really means it goes to a UPS hub to be worked on) to get fixed. It could take anywhere from 1-2 WEEKS! AHHHHHHH....

So, to try to get the ancient desktop to work faster, I have spent all day getting all pictures, documents and such OFF this thing and on to our external hard drive so I can actually use it and blog again. Things are looking good on that front!

Speaking of pictures, I wanted to tell you all about the wonderful miracle of this whole ridiculous thing. When the laptop collapsed (well not completely, but mostly), my first thought was "Oh crap! I have no back up for the pictures on there!". Usually the best of my pictures is "backed up" on my personal blog, but I am literally about 9 months behind on that currently. so I wanted to cry. I JUST took a ton of cute pics in a photo shoot with the kids and the only place they were saved was on that laptop. Well, what it is doing, is basically overheating and shutting itself down randomly-and NEVER more than 15 minutes on at a time. Well, I miraculously (and patiently) got all our pictures off the laptop 10 minutes at a time over the past 2 days (as well as my husbands important applications and resumes for his fellowship)!

SO, I thought I would let you know that in spite of all the sadness of the injured laptop, I was able to save the important things, and I will end up getting back a like new laptop in the end (that is still covered under warranty by the way)! SO, I have a lot to be thankful for and I promise I will get in gear looking up deals again now that this desktop seems to be working better!

Now on to getting the Air Conditioner fixed! :)