Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pizza Round Up: Papa Murphy's Take and Bake

After my Pizza Round up post yesterday, I got the following comment on Facebook from my cousin Laura that I thought was worth posting for you to see as well:

The best pizza deal is still Papa Murphy's take n' bake... it is so cheap and only takes 15 minutes to cook when you get home-- plus in my opinion, it tastes better than any other restaurant pizza. The one by my house does large pepperoni for $5.99 or a speciality (usually they pick a different one for each month) for $8.99 and you can make it extra large for $2 more. Or the ad I just got in the mail... Pepperoni, Meat, Veggie, Hawaiian or Two-topping DeLite (thin-crust) Large for $6.99. I know they have them in Omaha...

So, go check out your Local Papa Murphy's!!