Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Lets talk Father's Day...

I have a confession...I am not very good at coming up with good gifts for Mother's Day or Father's Day and usually end up getting Barnes and Noble gift cards for everyone. Or sometimes the dad's get the typical ties. I have tried to be frugal and creative, but I frankly seem to have a block when it comes to finding the perfect, frugal, thoughtful, fun gift for my dad or my father-in-law.

One year I bought my dad a tie and some golf balls and my sister got him a shadowbox with his t-shirt and tickets from the Final Four...see how pathetic I am?!

So, this Thrifty Thursday, I am asking...nee begging you all to share with me your fun frugal Father's day gift ideas. What have you done or will you do for your dad's? What great gift ideas do you have? Please share with me and my other readers, and hopefully I will get enough ideas that I can post them up here for all to see next Thursday!

Thank you in advance for getting me out of my gift card slump...



NE Cottrells said...

i am planning on taking pictures of my three kids each holding a letter to spell out DAD and putting into a three frames. they are going to wear black t-shirts and letters are going to be white with their on designs on it. I going try in color and black and white.