Friday, July 16, 2010

120 mile sad update + a special thanks to Wes!!

wow-I stink this week and hate having to post this update...I only walked 7 miles this week bringing my grand total to 58.  So sad...I have no real excuse but I will tell you that extreme heat+humidity makes me much less motivated to do anything! Luckily my husband pulled me out of my slump a bit this week by taking me to the mall (where they have Air Conditioning-unlike us at the moment) and we walked around there for a couple hours. I am lucky I have such a supportive husband and I really appreciate him!

I wrote last week about the weight loss I have had over the past few months. As part of that loss, I have moved from wearing sizes14-16 to fitting again in size 10 (even a few of my 8s are fitting again).  We found a clearance dress at the mall that I LOVED, but it was a 6. I have not been a 6 since 5th grade. But I was an 8-10 until I was pregnant with my first child. If I get down to a 6-8, Wes said he will buy me a new wardrobe if I want one...that is motivating-not that I will get new clothes, but that Wes is so supportive and helps to motivate me when I hit a slump!
Thanks Wes! I love you!