Thursday, July 29, 2010

THrifty Thursday: Tips from YOU

Last Thursday I asked all of you to send me any frugal/thrifty tips you have so I could share them on my blog. I got a lot of great tips on a variety of topics. Some of the tips are opposite ideas, but remember that you just have to take the ideas and find what works for you! I am really excited to share these tips with you! Check out what thrifty tips my friends and family (you!) had to share:

Mirella said:
If you have a baby younger than 1 you can register them for a free ticket to the Ringling Bros circus that they can use anytime in their life. Look for the "Baby's First Circus" link on their website. I signed up my twins and still have their tickets. We'll probably use them this year. The catch is that you have to do before their first birthday.

And Mirella also shared:
I like saving time as much as saving money so I try to buy in bulk once a month and make a bunch of home-made freezer meals. Meat is usually much cheaper in bulk and it really rocks to have good meals ready in minutes. If you are low on freezer space make sauces (spaghetti, alfredo, strogonoff, etc) and then you can boil the pasta the night you make the meal. I can send a list of meals I usually make but I think the best ones are those your family usually eats.

Kristin said:
Price matching is one of the easiest ways to save without doing too much work! (esp. in Omaha with all the different grocery store ads)

Jeremy said:
Since I started driving my scooter to work instead of the suburban, my gas bill has dropped from $200/month to $20/month. I'd say the scooter purchase was worth it!

Kristel said:
At Target you can use a Manufacturers coupon along with a Target coupon. I also love kids eat for $.99 tues., thurs. at Applebees. We took advantage of that all the time during residency. Now I don't live close to an Applebee's.

Lindsey said:
I don't really have a lot of food tips, just decorating ones. So here's what I've got! I haven't been able to do this yet, but I've helped many many friends refurbish great garage sale and thrift store finds. Or, for me, when I get sick ...of looking at the same furniture everyday I rotate it through the house creating new looks in every room. It's a lot of fun and FREE! Another one...just buy a plant, flowers, or even a new vase for a room. It will add so much to it. And, lastly, get rid of does wonders!

Erica said:
At Target you can turn your Target bags in for 5 cents a piece! Not much but it adds up!!

Melissa said:
You could say something cheap for a date night, go to a Costco or Sam's club. Order their hot dog and drink for $1.25 (I think that is what it still is), So that ends up being $2.50 for dinner, and then go to a dollar movie. For a date night, dinner and movie it is under $5.00. I think that is a good deal!!! I love doing that at times with my husband.

Laura Said:
Spray paint to restore ugly things. Buy from Craigslist. Buy used. Grocery shop for a two week period instead of every week. buying for a two week period really does save me. I used to spend $150 every week. Now I spend $200 for every two weeks. I think on average I save $100 a month by stretching out those weeks with food. I tend to impulse buy so the less I am in a store the better. Also find stores like Aldi's. They don't have them everywhere, but they do help me to save money on everyday things.

Janelle said:
I shop for 2 weeks of food as well and it really does save me money! I usually end up going every week for some perishables or items we need. However, I usually plan to eat those items that perish quickly first and those that will last a while at the end of the 2 weeks.

Mark said:
Don't pay someone else to do what you can do (or learn to do) yourself. All the redecorating/remodeling in our house has been done by me, Erin, and my Dad and looks pretty decent. :)

Also, Don't buy in bulk if you don't have to - we found that when we buy in bulk, we just eat more and still have to go back just as often to buy more.

Thank you everyone for your great tips!!!



Andrea said...

I totally agree with Mark on the bulk thing. . . except when it comes to meat that you can freeze. Meat is ALWAYS cheaper when purchased in bulk and worth it to put in the freezer to use later. Pantry items (especially snack items) get eaten quickly no matter what size package you buy and you still have to go back and buy more in the same about of time (plus your waist gets bigger because you just ate more food!!