Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Walking to the store...

Usually I try to carefully plan out my grocery trips to Walmart with price matches and coupons. I am really trying to save money.

For me, the last few weeks, it seems every time I turn another corner toward saving money, something else goes wrong. Example: I mailed in the last payment on my van and the next day it would not start. We jumped the battery and it worked for about a day then when I went out to start it again yesterday, again it would not start or even jump. So, it is now in the shop getting what I assume will be a hugely expensive repair (I am still waiting to hear back from them about them about what is up with it!!).

So, now I am at home with a list of things I NEED to buy (eggs, bread, milk). Now our family is big enough that we cannot fit in my husband's car. So, I am now walking places, and let me tell you, that saves me money! Though I cannot go to Walmart (too far to walk), the nearest grocery store is a fair priced one with great sales. And since I will be walking there with 4 kids (one in a double jogging stroller), I HAVE to limit my purchases to the things on my list that I need. I have gone through their ad for the things on my list and I feel prepared to go in and get only the essentials.

Not only will I save money by not getting any more than I need, but I save gas money and I will be walking a total of 4 miles round trip so I get my exercise in as well!

So, as soon as I hear back from the car repair shop, I will be on my way...I'll let you know how it went when I return (in glory we hope!)