Thursday, July 8, 2010

Walmart trip discoveries...

Well friends, there is good and bad here...Let's get the sad news over with first...$5.00- 24 packs are done at Walmart. They are now marked as "on sale" for $6.48 (with $7.48 as the regular price). Luckily if you are in Omaha, you can price match them this week for $4.98. So you can still get a good deal this week-stock up just in case this is the end of the cheap soda rush!

The fantastic news is that corn on the cob is only $0.05 each right now!!!! Yes, you read that right, $0.05 each-so I got 20 for a buck today and I was lovin life!!!!! I have not seen corn that cheap since I was a kid shopping with my Papou (that is grandpa in Greek). Boo-yeah!!!