Thursday, July 22, 2010

What do you grill? Here is my newest unique grilling recipe...Please share yours! :)

Not really a money saving tip here, but a though and a quandary...

As you likely have read by now, our air conditioning has stopped working ans rather than get in debt to fix or replace it this summer, we have decided to just deal with it and get through the heat of the summer.

Admittedly it is hard some days (today is a scorcher)! But we are coping-lots of pool trips, stops in the mall or other air conditioned places, cool baths, lots of fans and LOTS of hydration. I am saving money on utility bills doing this which I guess is ht bright side.

I LOVE to cook, but refuse to heat up the hole house more to bake or even use the stove top, so I have become a grill master this year. I have been experimenting with cooking different things on the grill, but this is still a new thing to me...I have heard you can grill your pizzas, but have never done that...anyone tried it?

But here is the you have creative grilling ideas? What have you grilled up lately?

Here is my favorite new thing to do on the grill...

Rather than make French Fries and turn on the hot grease in the house, I have been doing the following:

1) get out a good sturdy baking sheet (but not your best-it could get grill/black marks) and spray it with Pam.

2) cut up whatever kind of potatoes you have into bite size pieces and put them on the tray.

3) Season them with your favorite spices (Lately I am loving the following combination: Greek Seasoning, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Salt, Pepper, Seasoned Salt and a bit of Steak seasoning.)

4) Drizzle about 1T Olive Oil over seasoned potatoes and mix up with your hands.

5) Fire up that grill and put the baking sheet on it. Cook for about 20-25 minutes (or more depending on the size of your potatoes). Check and turn (with a long BBQ spatula) every 5 minutes or so.

6) When you take them off the grill, the pan will be smokin' hot-most hot pads cannot handle it so I double up on the hot pads and run it quickly to the stove.

SOOO yummy...