Friday, July 9, 2010

Why all the reposts?! + a question for the readers-please answer!! :)

Reposts cop out-I know...but here is the thing, I am on an ancient desktop that takes me triple the time to work on this blog so I do not have the time to research out the Tuesdays Travels or Weekend Warriors info right now. Please forgive me!

The GREAT news is I was notified by Toshiba late last night that my laptop is fixed and shipping back, so once we get that back and up and running I will be able to get back on the ball and give you some new info.

So, here is the big question of the day-what destinations would you like to see in Tuesdays Travels? Or in the Weekend Warriors Daycations? Please comment here, on Facebook, or email me at  and let me know what you want to see-I really need your help and  inspiration here!

Thanks for reading and thanks ahead of time for your suggestions!!