Thursday, July 15, 2010

WOW-major clearance at the mall right now!

I just want to start out the day by mentioning a couple of things. Last night it was 94 degrees in our house (no AC) and with the humidity it felt like well over 105 degrees. So by the time Wes got home from work, I was done with it all and we decided to take advantage of the kids eating free at Sizzler (that was a FANTASTIC deal BTW-we fed 6 people for less than $30 including tip!)

After eating, it was 7 pm and still really hot and humid so Wes suggested we go walk around the mall for a while. Well, we did, and as we walked in the tornado sirens started so we just walked around for 2 hours until the storm was mostly cleared up and the mall was closing.

I have to tell you that I don't know what is going on this week, but there were MASSIVE, amazing sales everywhere!! Just about every store had HUGE clearance going on-like 60-80% off sales. I mean EVERYWHERE!! In fact, I actually bought something for my daughter (and I regret NOT buying something for me that looked SOOO cute and was such a great deal)!

In my church, kids get baptized when they turn 8, and my daughter turns 8 in December. So we have been kind of looking for deals on nice white baptism dresses, and last night we scored-big time! We learned that usually the dresses we were looking for would run about $50-$150. Last night, we found this dress:

Take a closer look at the beautiful waist on this thing:

It was a bit too big, but easily altered and beautiful-best part, our girl LOVED it! So, we looked at the price tag and BOY WAS THE PRICE RIGHT!!! Look:

In case you could not read that it was marked $79.99, on clearance for $9.99. Can you believe that?! What a steal!! And now I don't have to worry about finding a dress anymore-I am way ahead of the game now!!