Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have won 10 giveaways now in the past few weeks-check out the latest...

I told you here about how Tight Wad in Utah has a section on her blog that is a list of Giveaways ending soon with LOW entries. Well, I have been entering the ones on her list daily, and over the past few weeks I have won a lot of giveaways. In fact, I won one just today from Mrs Nespys Frugal World. That win brings my grand total up to 10, yes TEN wins from the lists on the Tight Wad in Utah blog.

Wanna know what I won? I won a $25 Credit to Applied Labels as part of the Back to School Blowout giveaways on Mrs Nespys Frugal World. She has a TON of Giveaways going on and you should go check them out and enter to win!!



Kaye said...

Ten?! Wow! When I'm not tending to all of my giveaways I should be following your advice on how to win! If I give you a dollar, will you buy me a lottery ticket? =)

Audrey said...

YEAH! I'm so excited!! I need enter more.... My win of 2 isn't as impressive. :)