Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I won 3 giveaways-you could win MY giveaway! :)

I told you here about how Tight Wad in Utah has a section on her blog that is a list of Giveaways ending soon with LOW entries. Well, I have been entering the ones on her list daily, and so far this week, I have won 3 giveaways!! That's right, THREE! CHeck out what I won:
I LOVE entering giveaways and I find I win quite a few blog giveaways! I LOVE Tight Wad in Utah's posts that let me know where there are blogs with low entry giveaways going on so I can enter them. You should really check those out and enter giveaways. You can start by entering my current giveaway for a $60 CSN gift certificate here. It ends Sunday 8/8 and 8 pm central time and it has low entries! Please enter and let your friends know about it to enter as well!!