Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: You never know where a great freebie may be (+BONUS Review from Salsa)

My family loves freebies and even my youngest kids gets giddy over them. I may be making my kids seem strange with all this freebie seeking and deal hunting, but it is obvious that they really appreciate a deal, and you gotta love that!

So, we were running all kinds of terrible errands a couple days ago, and one of the last stops was at the Post office. It wasn't too busy, but I stood in line with the kids for a while anyway then finally got the the front. I had 5 different things I had to mail 3 different ways. It was going to be a hassle. Well, the posy man was so nice and wanted to make it easy on me. Half way through he said to the kids "hey do you like to color?" Of course! Then he gave each of them their own FREE coloring/activity book. And these were great books! Check out the cover below:

Now, my oldest child, Salsa was SOOO excited about the free book that she wanted to tell you all about it. So, here is Salsa's review of the book followed by pictures of a few of her favorite pages:

Hi I was SOOO exited when I got my coloring book. It taught me about amazing wonders of America. I also got to color. And there was a map showing where the wonders are. See:

I learned a lot from this book. One of my favorite facts was on this page:

It says that the loudest animal is a blue whale and that the deepest lake is Crater Lake in Oregon.  There are lots of good facts like this in the book. My favorite part of the whole book though was at the end where it says we are all wonderful and asks questions about me. See:

I LOVED this book and learned a lot from reading it (and it's fun to color). Next time you go to the post office, you should ask them for this FREE book for your kids. I think they would love it too.

Well, I think that is an excellent review of this fun, unexpected freebie (especially for a 7 year old to write)! Thanks Salsa for your fantastic review!