Friday, August 27, 2010

Walgreens has a coupon policy!

One of the things that can be frustrating about using coupons to save money is that you never know from place to place and even from checker to checker what coupons they will take. Some checkers will hassle you about everything and you have to get a manager to help, or you end up unable to use the coupons and get the discounts you were counting on.

I usually just carry the stores coupon policies with my coupons so if I have trouble I can just whip out my copy of the store's policy and talk to the manager. One of the places that is very frustrating to many shoppers though is Walgreens and that is partly because up until 2 days ago they did not have a posted corporate coupon policy, so you never really knew what manager or checker you would get when you went there. Well, friends, there is now a corporate coupon policy that will hopefully make coupon usage at Walgreens much easier!!

Check it out (and print it and put it with your coupons) on the Walgreens website here.