Monday, September 13, 2010

I got FREE Soy Milk for voicing my opinion

I have mentioned before how one of the best ways to get free coupons is to contact the companies directly with either a compliment or a complaint (a sincere one). I email companies often to let them know I like or appreciate their products. I have to be pretty upset to email a company with a complaint, and that does not happen as often these days. Usually if I am disappointed with a product but not angry, I do not emails. But I realize now that is a mistake.

Let me tell you about what happened last week. I have a 2-year-old daughter that is lactose intolerant. Luckily, She LOVES Silk Very Vanilla Soy milk so she gets her nutrients from that mostly. Occasionally we have bought other brands and flavors of soy & Almond milks. She (and I) have liked them all. However, recently, our Walmart stopped selling Silk's Very Vanilla, and I had coupons for Silk, so I bought their regular vanilla flavor thinking it could not possibly be that different. Boy was I wrong! It was terrible and my child refused to drink it (she rarely NEVER refuses her milk and often begs for more). So, I tried it and it was awful. To say the least we did not like it. I thought "Oh well, I guess we won't buy that again." And was ready to leave it at that. (Well, after I called and complained at Walmart enough that they now carry the Very Vanilla again I was ready to leave it at that).

Well, my husband one day said "Beckee, look at the package-it has a money back guarantee that says to email them if you do not like it. You should just email." It was a fantastic idea so I did it. All I said int he email was that I love the Very Vanilla and was surprised to find we did not like the vanilla at all and that I just wanted to follow up since there was a guarantee. Well I got an email back from them on Friday saying they were sorry I did not like their product, and they hoped we would try another product, and they were sending me 2 free product coupons to replace the 2 I bought and did not like! I could not have been happier!

My point? Even if you do not HATE a product or feel angry about it, it is always worth email the company to let them know what your experience with their product was. Even if all you say is that you expected more of the product. Whatever your real opinion of a product is after trying it, it is worth a couple minutes to email the company and let them know what you thought-often it really pays off!