Monday, September 13, 2010


I need to warn you before I start this post that it is about a website I LOVE and adore, but is pretty specifically for items related to LDS church resources. So, I apologize to those readers that are not interested in this, but SOOO many people have asked me about this site recently that I just decided to post about it for reference. Please use it if you can, and just ignore this post if you are uninterested. is the most awesome website/resource for LDS teachers/leaders (well, after anyway). Sugardoodle has activity ideas for youth, activity days, it has lesson helps for just about everyone, and really just a lot of great ideas, The idea around this site is that people submit their ideas or items they have used in their lessons or activities for others to see and use if they want to. You can also share your ideas and things you use and come up with. I always feel famous by association whenever I see posts from people I know! It is truly a fantastic, FREE resource for LDS church related everything! Go check it out here to see if it might be helpful to you in your calling! I use it often for mine!