Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Possible free Dawn or Cascade

There is a Cleaning and Technology Survey open to the Public from 09/03/10 to 11/30/10 that is designed to learn about how Americans use technology for cleaning in today’s modern era. If you go take it you can, for a limited time get a reward!

What is the reward you ask? Well, for a limited time, participants will receive a free sample pack of either Dawn® Hand Renewal® with Olay Beauty, for participants that wash dishes by hand, or Cascade® Complete® All-in-1, for participants with an automatic dishwasher, in exchange for completing the survey.

It only takes a couple minutes to fill out! Seriously-it is quick! GO HERE to start. (as a warning-when I took it a minute ago I had no trouble, but it seems to be busy and giving me an error now, so it may be struggling, I would try to access it anyway and maybe try again a bit later if it won't work now.)

Thanks, Mojo Savings!