Thursday, September 2, 2010

Upcoming review for CSN stores

I recently did a giveaway for CSN Stores and told you about the great things they have on their 200+ websites. There is something for everyone, from a coffee table to a new light fixture, from toys to cooking equipment. There is a lot of great stuff there and I recommend checking them out. I have bought a toaster oven and a little picnic table for my kids through their websites, and we really love them. For an upcoming review, CSN Stores are going to let me pick something to review, and I cannot wait to start looking around their websites and choosing what to review!

Be on the lookout for the upcoming review, and in the meantime, go check them out!!



Andrea said...

That is really cool that they are letting you pick something to review!! :) I'm interested to see what you pick and what your review is. . . I have a gift card for CSN and I can't decide what to get. . I think I'll save it for Christmas. :)