Thursday, October 28, 2010

Check out what I ordered from CSN!!

I told you a week or so ago about CSN Stores, but let me tell you about them again! CSN stores has 200+ online stores where you can get anything from a counter stool to a new light fixture, from toys to cooking equipment, from furniture to shoes. There is a lot of great stuff there and I recommend checking them out. I have bought a toaster oven, 2 kids cooking kits (one for pizzas, one for pretzels), and a little picnic table for my kids through their websites, and we really love them all. For an upcoming review, CSN Stores are going to let me pick something to review.

I have ordered some items, the main one being the fabulous pair of boots pictured above (which will be delivered to my home tomorrow). I had a bit more left on my gift code, so I also ordered some more Mr Clean Magic Eraser scrubbers (I LOVE those) and a pen, both of which have already arrived.

I cannot wait to get my boots and tell you all about them! Be on the lookout for the upcoming review, and in the meantime, go check them out!!