Thursday, October 28, 2010

I won Strawberry Milanos PLUS tips to winning giveaways

I enter (and often win) a lot of blog giveaways, and I am going to let you in on a secret here. I am sure you have thought of this exact thing, but I am OFTEN asked how I win so many giveaways. Here is what I do, Everyday (well most days), I open the daily email from Tight Wad in Utah and I go to the daily "LOW entry Giveaways ending today" post. Then if I have time that day, I go through and enter them all-and I do many of the "extra entry options" too so I stack my cards in my favor. If a giveaway has more than 200 entries already, I don't enter (unless it is something I really want to win).

One thing I rarely if ever do is to enter giveaways/sweepstakes from companies. You know the kind-where thousands of people enter to win one awesome prize?! Well, I made an exception and entered a contest.giveaway at Pepperidge Farms a while back to try to win a bushel of the new Strawberry Milano cookies. It was an easy entry and there were going to me many winners (like 50 I think).

Well, guess what?! I WON! YEAH I actually won! And after they emailed me and verified all my information, I got this in the mail:

Yes some bags were already open and eaten in that picture-how could we resist even long enough to take the picture?! I LOVE Mint Milanos-they are probably my favorite treat ever, but I was hesitant to try the Strawberry ones. I did not think I would like the fruit flavor with the cookies and chocolate...boy was I wrong! They are super tasty, and winning this might make me gain more weight than this pregnancy!