Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Do you remember I told you that for an upcoming review, CSN Stores let me pick something to review, and I ordered some items, the main one being the fabulous pair of boots pictured above?! I had a bit more left on my gift code, so I also ordered some more Mr Clean Magic Eraser scrubbers (I LOVE those) and a pen as well.

Well, I have gotten all items now and cannot wait to tell you all about my awesome boots! Wes has promised to take some pictures of me wearing them when he gets home today and I will post pictures and my review tonight or tomorrow!

As a teaser let me just tell you this funny story.  We went to a Nighthawks football game last Thursday night and my 6 year old son (E dawg) was more interested in the cheerleaders than in the game. They were wearing essentially the same boots I bought, except in white.  So, on Friday morning my boots arrived and by the time E dawg got back from school I was wearing them. He notices right away and said "Oooh mom, you look so pretty-you look just like those cheerleaders!!!"  It was funny, and it made me love my boots even more!  :)