Monday, November 8, 2010

My SUPER cute boots from CSN!!

Do you remember I told you that CSN Stores let me pick something to review, and I ordered some items, the main one being the fabulous pair of boots pictured above?! I had a bit more left on my gift code, so I also ordered some more Mr Clean Magic Eraser scrubbers (I LOVE those) and a pen as well.

Well, I have gotten all items now and cannot wait to tell you all about my awesome boots!

First, I want to note that I love, LOVE my new boots! They are fabulous! A few things I really like are the chunky heels, the non-shiny black tall boot, and really they just make my legs look way better than they usually do!  One warning about these boots though-in my ever expanding and swelling pregnant body (IE my swelling legs), they are a bit tight on my calves. So, if you have bigger calves or yours are swelling like mine, this might not be the pair of boots for you. However, like I said, they look great and I love them. I can wear them really with whatever-jeans, skirts, whatever! I purposely picked the black so they match whatever I wear.  Also, they were quite inexpensive for boots like this, and the quality is pretty good. Look at me wearing my boots with a cute short skirt:

And with jeans:

Super cute boots, right?!

As for the service from CSN Stores it was great. I got the 3 items I ordered in 3 different boxes (the pen came first, then the Mr Clean Magic Erasers, then the boots). They all came quickly and without any trouble. I did have to laugh when the pen came though because it came in a huge box and all that was in there was the pen.

Overall, I have to say that I had another great experience ordering from CSN Stores, and I highly recommend checking them out! There really is something for everyone and they do a great job getting your order to your house quickly!