Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Yoplait Save Lids to Save Lives® get-together!

Thanks to Yoplait and MyGetTogether, last week I was able to host a Yoplait Save Lids to Save Lives® get-together. It was such a fantastic event full of fantastic food, friends, and great information from the book "Promise Me" by Nancy G Brinker, founder of Susan B Komen for the Cure. I was happy to host and had a great party. There were not as many friend that could make it as I had hoped, but hopefully there will be more at the next one! Nonetheless, those that came had a great time as did I. My camera of course died right as I was taking pictures of the food before the party, so I just have a few pictures of the fantastic food.

I have to tell you though that probably my favorite thing about planning this party was getting all the recipes and trying them out. I honestly have not cooked much at all with yogurt in the past so it was fun to try out all the recipes. Check them out:

Here is the spread:
 Here is veggies and crackers with a fantastic yogurt based dip:
 Smoothies, of course, were the yogurt drink of choice!
 These chicken enchiladas (with yogurt as the main part of the filling and sauce mix) were fantastic!! LOVED them:
 Jello and yogurt pies in graham cracker crust.  I actually made up this recipe as I went along and they turned out fantastic!!
 Pasta salad with yogurt based sauce.
 Here is the book I mentioned above-I have startd to read it all the way through and it is a good book so far. Chcek it out!
YUM!! If you want the chance to possible host future event from MyGetTogether, go here to join Pssst and they will occasionally send invitations to host parties. I know the next one coming up is a Chex Mix one...