Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey deals. (Now we're REALLY talkin' Turkey

Wes and I read about how high Turkey prices have gotten, so I was pleased today to see that Baker's here in Omaha has 2 different kinds of Turkeys on sale right now. One kind is $.68/lb the other is $.98/lb. I just saw this on a TV ad so I have to do some more research to see what the difference in the birds are, but I am super happy to see the prices falling back down to less than a dollar a pound!!

Also, I heard (have not yet verified) that BagNSave advertised in yesterday's Sunday World-Herald (Which I have not read yet) that they have Our Family brand Grade A Premium Turkey, .33/lb (with $25 additional purchase-that excludes the price of the turkey). This deal should be good through 11/24/10