Wednesday, December 8, 2010

50 FREE 4x8 cards from See Here-just pay $4.99 shipping!!

I have been waiting and hoping this deal would come up this year. I am sadly NOT doing holiday cards this year (I just feel too crazy). However, my daughter is turning 8 today, and I need to make around 75 invitations to her baptism which will be right after Christmas (in our church we baptize children at the age of 8, not at birth like many other churches). So, I was waiting for a GREAT card making deal to come up and look what you can get now:

Now, through December 12, you can get 50 FREE 4×8 photo cards from SeeHere and pay only $4.99 for shipping. Even if you already made your holiday cards, this is a great deal and you could use it to make thank you cards or invitations or something.

HOW TO GET IT: Go to See Here's site, make your 4x8 photo cards and at checkout make sure to use coupon code 50cards. (BTW-some bloggers are reporting that these do not have to be 50 of the same cards.)

I am totally making those baptism invitation today with this deal (as soon as I get some pictures of my girl in her baptism dress to put on the invitation)!!! WAHOO! Thanks goodness for this awesome deal!!! :)