Thursday, December 9, 2010

I have WON 40+ prizes-want to know how?! (You too can be a winner!) :)

Wes and I figured out yesterday that I have won about 40+ blog giveaways/sweepstakes since February, about 30 of those are since August. I have been asked many times how I win so many giveaways, so I will tell you!

What I do to win so many giveaways:

1. I enter a lot of blog giveaways daily.
2. I occasionally enter a company sweepstakes.

How do I choose what to enter?

Here are my daily steps:

1. Everyday (well most days), I open the daily email from Tight Wad in Utah and I go to the daily "LOW entry Giveaways ending today" post. (25 or so of the blog giveaways I have won have come from that daily list)

2. If I have time that day, I go through and enter them all. (Well, I used to enter them all, but now that I have won so many I guess I am getting a bit picky and I do not enter the ones I know I do not want or need. However, that being said, sometimes I DO enter the ones I do not want/need because I have a specific purpose in mind for it in case I won it! For example, I do not drink coffee, but I would enter a coffee related giveaway because I know a lot of people that would love that as a gift!)

3. I do many of the "extra entry options" too so I stack my cards in my favor. Most blog giveaways offer a mandatory entry that you must do as your first entry in the giveaway drawing. (If that entry is too complex, I skip entering the giveaway all together-unless it is something I REALLY want) After the mandatory entry, many blogs offer additional bonus entries usually involving following their blog in various ways (through GFC-Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Twitter, daily emails, etc). I use my "junk" email to follow blogs so my real personal email does not get crammed full of blog emails daily. So-if you have not already-set up a separate email account for all your blog sign ups and for any sweepstakes or company emails you sign up for. In my gmail I even have it set up so my "junk" emails are automatically forwarded to a folder in my personal email so I only have to open ONE email to check both accounts!

4. If a giveaway has more than 200 entries already, I don't enter (unless it is something I really want to win). Seriously! I rarely enter giveaways with more than 200 entries and I rarely enter company sweepstakes. However, if I can enter something quickly and easily, I will enter it!


I just play the odds-enter LOW entry giveaways. Do the bonus entries, and hopefully once in a while you will catch a break and get lucky!

And for those that are wondering, yes, some of the things I win are small and may not seem worth the entry, but hey-I love to win ANYTHING! And I have won some really nice things!! So, just to give you an idea, here are some of the things I have won:
  • $50 Amazon gift card, multiple $10-$25 Amazon gift cards
  • 4-5 different books
  • 3 CSN Gift codes (ranging from $20-$70 in value)
  • Knives
  • Skin Care
  • A Bushel of Strawberry Milanos
  • An Annie Chun's Dinner Party
  • Many Photo books, prints and gift codes
  • A beautiful Personalized 11x14 print about my baby girl
  • Baby birth announcements to use when this baby is born
  • Soft Lips, Chapsticks, and Carmex gift packs
  • 3 nursing covers
  • an isABelt for my daughter
  • a $20 virtual Visa card
  • a Nuts About Granola Gift Card
  • A $25 Applied Labels credit
  • A UPrinting Vinyl Banner
  • Tickler Tags
  • A Smarty Rents 3 month Membership
  • A Breyers Prize Package
  •  $25 Gift Card to Quality Candy/King Leo
  • A Snikkidy Package
  • A Noodles & Company giveaway (lots of free food on that one!!)
  • A Blush Candle (smells SOOOO good.)
  • A Costco Gift pack including Supersized boxes of Nature Valley Bars and Simply Fruit Rolls and a $25.00 Costco Gift card
  • A Pre Paid Phone Card
So, You can see some prizes are bigger than others, but I guarantee I loved and appreciated winning each and every one! 

I hope these little "winning" tips can help you win some fun stuff! Please let me know if you win blog giveaways! I LOVE to hear about your success stories-whether they be in winning a prize, scoring a deal or whatever!!!

Now-go enter some giveaways-you can start with the ones I have going on-see the box on the right side of the blog for the current giveaways-they all have LOW entries right now!



Ashley said...

It's so fun to hear how someone else does giveaways! I do things very simliar to you. I love the list from Tight Wad in Utah too. I usually bookmark giveaways and put their end date on them, and check them the day before they end to see if my odds are still good (If I can get at least 10% of the entries or so). I started entering giveaways in April, and I've won A LOT more than you, but that probably means I entered more than you too. Super fun isn't it!?!

reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com