Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm back!

WOW-what an insane week! I am PTO co=president at the elementary school and we decided to quickly put together a cookie dough fundraiser BEFORE the holidays, and Ihave spent a lot of time with my kids selling cookie dough, then a lot of time at school collecting order forms, money, and all that good stuff! So, I am sorry my off line life has taken completely over my online blogging so far this week!

Have you missed me on here as much as I have missed blogging?! I have sure missed sitting in my warm PJ's at my computer blogging about all the great deals out there!! I still need to let you know how my Black Friday Shopping went (yeah, I am that far behind!!). I have about 2000 emails to go through to find the best deals for you and I have a new giveaway post all ready to go up later this afternoon. Wow!

ANd I have NOTHING planned (well-except preschool and a 1st grade choir concert) today so I can finally dedicate some time to the blog.